About Me

Hi! I’m Ana, your legal tech copywriter.

I’m passionate about connecting people around the world.
I believe technology can save us time and improve our quality of life.
I love learning about laws and regulations.

I’m a trained lawyer, teacher, and international development professional. The common thread in all my professional experience: technology.

Whether it’s as of online platforms for peer-to-peer microlending, classroom learning management systems, or electronic submissions of immigration petitions, the different paths I’ve taken in my career have all included leveraging new and existing technologies to make processes more efficient for those involved.

Most of the time, the technology is either there or in process; people may not be aware of how to use it, or how to optimize their use.

My goal is to help the trailblazers building bridges between law and technology establish an online presence that educates their ideal clients on how these platforms can save them time and prevent errors that slow things down.

I studied law because I wanted to write about it. I believe when everyday people understand laws and regulations, they are better, more engaged citizens.

Through copywriting, I help legal technology platforms communicate with their clients and connect individuals with the legal experts they need. My writing aims to empower those in the online legal space to connect clients to the best existing platforms and services through web pages, blogs, and electronic materials that inform, engage, and build trust.

The biggest hurdle your clients have is not knowing what to do and who to reach out for. 

The biggest hurdle you have is striking a balance between building an efficient platform and sharing all it can do with others . 

Let’s build the bridge that connects you and your clients and builds up your success stories.  

Let’s add value to your online presence.

Book a free 15-minute consultation with me.

I can help you build a genuine connection with your future clients.

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