The Power of Long-Form Content

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It seems like people’s attention span changes by the minute.

If you’ve met with a marketing strategist, you may have finished your meeting being more confused than before.

Podcasters are recording episodes in video for YouTube. Instagram influencers are making more and more short-form Reels. LinkedIn enthusiasts are recording stories. Twitter has live functions now. In an environment where it may seem like the strategy changes before you can get used to what you were last suggested, blogs remain a tried and true strategy to establish a robust online presence.

How do blogs stand out from shorter, faster-paced forms of content?

  • Blogs allow you to explain multiple aspects of a topic. In the global mobility space, rarely are topics one-dimensional. By addressing questions your ideal clients may have in detail, you can answer multiple questions in one piece of content. This way, you establish yourself and your firm as an expert on the field, or as knowledgeable enough to consider possible courses of actions if guidelines are murky.
  • SEO Loves Blogs! Thanks to their length, blogs allow you to use keywords in a natural way that would make sense for regular people to search for. The more you can use highly-searched keywords in a blog in a way that is informative, engaging, and includes in actionable advice that your ideal clients can use, the more effective your blogs will be.
  • Blogs live on – no matter how old they are! My favorite thing to find when I’m starting to research for a blog I’m writing is…a blog from a previous year my clients have already published (whether I wrote it or not!) It speaks to the power of well-researched, clearly-explained content that people have found helpful over time. The more people click on a link online, the more important search engines think it is. That means that it will appear closer to the top of page 1 of your search results, much more so if traffic comes from what are called “organic searches” – the clicks that come from people searching for terms that are covered in your blog. So it doesn’t matter if your blog is two weeks, two months, two years old…if it’s well-crafted, well-researched, and people are clicking on it…it will still drive traffic to your website.
  • Sharing is caring! When people see that you are sharing what you know with an open online audience, and being genuinely helpful just because you can, it helps establish trust with people: not only that you’re not on the business of nickeling and diming for every bit of advice, and that you want to empower people with helpful information to help them feel confident in pursuing their goals.

My Word Minimum for Blogs

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

Over time, I’ve found that I do my best work in developing topics in the immigration and global mobility space in blogs of a minimum of 1200 words.

Topics covering rules and regulations, as well as process breakdowns, are extensive. The goal of blogs in this space is to provide comprehensive overviews, break down the complicated in ways that make sense to the people affected by those complicated rules and processes. In my research and writing process, I typically ask myself what people would search for, and try to cover the most common questions in the topic at hand in one concise blog post. If there is a follow up question that naturally stems from one of the subtopics I’m covering, I will address it.

The other advantage of covering common questions in a blog post is that it allows you to provide personalized service and advice for your ideal clients. Instead of looking at vague nuances that may or may not apply to them, you can focus on what’s most relevant to the individual situation you’re looking at in a consultation, which helps you utilize your time more efficiently, and help more clients.

In such a time-consuming field, sitting down to write blogs is a commitment not every specialist can make. This is why I’ve made blogs my main specialty, with the goal of:

  • Helping my clients establish an online presence that reflects the value they can offer to clients,
  • Saving you time by allowing you to be consistent in sharing helpful content on a regular basis.

Whether you publish one blog a month, or one blog a week – consistently delivering value to your potential clients through thoroughly researched, relevant content is the best use of your online space.

Let’s bring your unique voice to life and help your expertise shine!

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